COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL (competition ended)

MPCand Seeff Randburghave a strategic partnership and annually sponsor the Colour me beautiful competition, which this year entailed a R20,000 paint voucher which was split into three prizes the winner walked away with a R10000 paint voucher followed by R6000 and R4000.

The function was held at Seeff Randburg officed where Eloise de Stefanis (Residential Seeff Sales Director) and her team did a wonderful job in hosting this function.

The paint vouchers were sponsored by Midek Paint Manufactures.

When selling your house there are critical factors that determine whether you will sell the house for the price you want and what first impression the prospective buyer gets.

These could be small cost-effective fixable things such as:

  • Boundary walls paint flaking or in need of paint.
  • Front door damaged
  • Garage door in need of paint
  • Damp and waterproofing issues
  • Facia boards need of paint or repair.
  • Interior colours such as purple or dark blue could put prospective buyers off. Neutral colours could make a huge difference it could make the room look bigger
  • Damaged ceiling boards

MPC Contractors would take care of these issues whereby the Seller, Seeff and MPC all benefit.

The house would very likely sell faster, and the seller will very likely sell the property at his/her wanted price, the Seeff agents supply a service that would benefit them by selling the house faster and a higher price and earn more commission and MPC Contractors will make money on work completed.

A win – win situation for all three parties.

Photographer of the Event: Sigrun Engelen 072 505 5209

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